Ato learns to read


His teacher writes on the blackboard: on. Say after me: ‘oooh - enn - on!'.

All the children say it, and they say it again and again.


Next, the teacher writes: no. Say after me: ‘enn - oooh - no!’. The children repeat it and repeat it again.


For homework, they have to write the words ‘on’ and ‘no’ ten times each.

Ato’s father looks in and points at ‘on’: 'What is this word?' Ato shakes his head and says: ‘Me nim...’ and continues copying.


He feels bored and doesn't understand why he has to write those words.


Ivy learns to read


Her teacher writes ‘d’ on the blackboard. All the children repeat the sound ‘duh’. The teacher writes a large ‘d’, and the children imitate the motion of writing ‘d’ with their hands in the air. Then they trace the same letter in their books. What is the sound? ‘Duh!’.


They mention words that start with sound ‘duh’: dabo-dabo, dua...

When Ivy takes her bath in the evening she says to herself: ‘dware’ begins with ‘duh’.


The next day, Ivy learns sound ‘ah’ in a similar way, and by the end of the day she can read the word ‘da’.


That evening, when her mother tells her to go and sleep, Ivy feels happy: ‘Mom, ‘da’ is ‘duh’ and ‘ah’, and I can read it!’


FonixGH gives every Child the 'Ivy experience'!

"I never could remember the letters. With the FonixGH book  I learned the letter sounds, and now I know them! I can now already read short words."

Robert (8)

"Before, I would write the alphabet on the blackboard and make the children recite. The FonixGH method teaches letters one by one, and establishes each letter thoroughly through a variety of activities. My children now enjoy my reading lessons!"

Joyce, teacher

"My elder daughter took a long time before she could read well, though she generally learns faster than her sister. My younger daughter learned reading with FonixGH and I can see that her reading is much more advanced"

Peter, father

"Fonix is my favorite book: I like tracing the letters with my fingers and enjoy hearing the sounds of the words. And the words are easy because it is Twi!"

Esi (5)