What happens inside your mind as you read this sentence?


How did your mind acquire the skill of reading?



Reading is interpreting symbols (letters) as sounds, blending them into a word and pronouncing the word.



For example: mat --> mmm-ah-tuh -->


Learning to read is easier when the words are

* Familiar to the learner

* Phonetic (the letter-sounds are consistent)


Many young Ghanaian children are familiar with basic Akan words. Even if they do not speak Akan at home, any of the dialects can be their play language.


Akan is phonetic, which means that the sounds are regular. English is not phonetic: the same letter can be pronounced in many different ways, depending on the word structure.


FonixGH uses basic Akan vocabulary, including many words that are similar in Asante, Fante and Akuapem. The learner gradually transitions to reading in English.


Activity Book ‘Learning Letters & Sounds 1 and 2’ correspond with the curriculum for Kindergarten and Primary Class 1.


We offer Training for Schools and Groups in:

1. The FonixGH reading methodology (user training)

2. Phonics reading methodology (general)

3. Introduction to Learning Difficulties


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